Renise Taylor, Founder

Rare Career Consulting (RCC) started from a vision God placed on my heart. Through his grace and mercy, he revealed to me how to use my life to serve others. Since that day, each moment in my life has been part of the process to prepare me to live that purpose. I have always believed that some people need a more hands-on approach to help them through the process to get on the road of purpose and destiny. Every individual should be given the opportunity to reach his or her fullest potential. Everyone is born with gifts and talents both great and small, equipped with abilities to make a difference on the earth. My voice, prayer, and energy are here to serve those ‘diamonds in the rough’, to let them know that “YES YOU CAN” and you are NOT alone! I believe you are unique, irreplaceable, one of a kind, no one can do it like you and you are the designers original. I am here to help you identify your gifts, talents, develop your skills and reach your dreams. 

Experience - Renise is a certified John C. Maxwell Coach that has been training and leading teams for the last 22 years in her role with one of the largest communication companies in the country. She previously served in the United States Air Force, volunteered for Big Brothers, Big Sisters and is a prior member of Toastmasters International. Renise is also a certified teacher, trainer, and speaker in becoming a person of influence. Renise is a mother of two, her daughter LaShonda and son DeWayne, both of who she loves dearly.